Semmelweis University is a research-led medical school in Budapest, Hungary . Its 250 years of tradition and unique focus on health care make it one of the leading universities of medicine and health sciences in Hungary and the Central European region. With its six faculties and doctoral school it covers all aspects of medical and health sciences ranging from pathology through genetics, paediatrics, pharmacy, dentistry, dietetics, physiotherapy, nursing, health policy and management to conductor training.

In addition to teaching, Semmelweis University is the largest provider of health care services in Hungary.
Research, development, and innovation comprise an important part of the University’s three-fold mission. The target of research at the university are early diagnostics and therapy, disease prevention and active ageing.

Semmelweis University is a specialised university offering undergraduate and graduate courses only in the field of health sciences. The university has around 10,000 students from 60 nations over five continents. Foreign students account for about 18% of the total community. The largest and oldest faculty of the university is the Faculty of Medicine with 4,500 students accounting for 40% of the total number of students.

András Pető Faculty
Faculty of Dentistry
Faculty of Health and Public Services
Faculty of Health Sciences
Faculty of Medicine
Faculty of Pharmacy
Károly Rácz School of Ph.D. Studies