Aptitude Analysis

The first milestone is student’s aptitude analysis. At this stage, we try and understand their interests and how we can combine them with their skills. Which is the right career path? How can a student become a Researcher or a Scientist? While a student is wrapping up his/her teenage years, managing board exams, studying for entrance tests and trying to figure out the direction he/she wants to take life in, it’s most likely for them to feel confused and lost about how they are going to make it all happen. And that’s why we make sure that they don’t get lost before they get started.

College and Scholarship Research

At this stage, we help them with sifting through a seemingly endless menu of options. Once we know where their strengths and interests lie and the college or career they wish to pursue, we help them with short listing the right university, college and courses. For example –

  • College entry requirements
  • College Research specific to area of study
  • What kind of personal statements to write
  • What are the scholarship options available
  • What portfolio of activities can make your application competitive

… and much more.

Reviewing Deadlines

Each college requires a number of different documents to be submitted alongside the applications and each application has a different deadline. While most colleges are strict with their application deadlines, others have rolling admission procedures where students send in an application until the semester officially begins.

There are also first, second and third level of deadlines that some universities specify in order to encourage students to apply early. Most universities in the United States allow students to use Early Application deadlines or Early Decision deadlines or Regular Decision deadlines! An understanding of each deadline can be really useful in order to help them plan their College Application – Admission schedule, which can be done at University Connection.

Exam Preparation

Needless to say, every college application requires a number of tests that need to be cleared. Depending on where they are applying, they need to stay focused on getting strong exam scores to increase chances of getting accepted by dream colleges and for their most preferred programs.

Currently, we work with students to help them prepare for-

While many other parameters are important, a good academic score at these exams is like a foot in the door at the university of choice and must be prepared for, wholeheartedly.

College Essay Impact

Writing college essay is a non negotiable component of student college application process and for many students, it is perhaps the most daunting task of all. We work with students on how to write their SOPs, how to structure essays and how to make sure the essays are error free and all the proof-reading and editing is taken care of before finally submitting the essay.

Recommendation Letters

The college application process doesn’t end with completing college essay or taking the SAT or IELTS. Students also need to allow sufficient time to get their recommendation letters in place. Recommendation Letters are a great way validate the wonderful student that they are. Depending on where they are applying, the may need to submit 2 – 3 recommendation letters from their teachers. We help them shortlist the people to approach to write the recommendations for you. Remember, it’s not just important to shortlist recommenders, it is also important to adequately educate them about the course and university students are applying to, in order to attain a perfect Letter of Recommendation (LOR).

Submitting Applications

It still might sound a bit overwhelming! We understand. But we’re not done holding their hands yet. We’ll sit with them with a detailed checklist of their complete college application and make sure they have crossed off every requirement before sending their application.

Sifting Offer Letters

A number of factors influence this decision, such as, budget constraint, scholarship support, location, course/program and a lot more. We understand that it’s not just about getting an admit, it’s about selecting the right fit, culturally, academically and economically.

Pre-University Orientation

What to expect when you enter university? This change is good for students, but it can be extremely daunting if they do not orient themselves to the new environment/culture. Whatever their concern, we help them to prepare and develop the right mindset before they head to their new home for the next few years.

Accommodation and Visa Formalities

We help students in all the following –
– College housing or their own apartment
– When do they start their student visa application
– How do they approach the embassy
– Which documents do they need to carry with them for the interview – Do they need a statement of support from a guardian

Once again, PROFICIENT OVERSEAS CONSULTANTS ensures that students are upto-date with all university correspondence and also visa schedules and procedures leading up to the final departure.


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